On the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, after the worship time, our under 17s go into their groups, where they get the opportunity to learn about God and the Bible at an age-appropriate and engaging level. On the 2nd Sunday of each month we have ‘Generation Sunday’ where all ages engage together in the main hall.

Here’s a short overview of each group:

Parent and baby room – this room is open all throughout the service, for any parents/carers and their little ones who want a break-out space. There are toys, chairs, and a live audio feed to the main hall so parents/carers can still hear the service!

Vineyard PreSchoolers – age 1-4, after worship, vineyard preschoolers sessions have their own secure area with a friendly team, but parents/carers are welcome to stay in the session if they would prefer. In this group there is a freeplay time, with crafts based on the topic of the day, followed by a Bible story and song and prayer. This group focuses on simple foundational truths, such as ‘God loves me’ and ‘God made me’.

Vineyard Primary – age 4-11, after worship, vineyard primary sessions have their own classroom and friendly team, where they gather for a greeting and register, followed by a lesson based on the Bible and how this can be applied in our daily lives, which usually involves a game, role play and a craft to help remember what we’ve been learning. We also get to pray for each other and practise hearing God’s voice!

Vineyard Youth – age 11-16, after worship, the youth go to their own room with comfy chairs and sofas and snacks. They learn and discuss truths from the Bible and pray together every week, as well as time for some fun games. The Youth also have a monthly homegroup and regular organised social activities, and they visit bigger regional church events periodically.

Safeguarding – every member of our kids and youth teams is a well-known and trusted member of the community. We do not recruit unknown or new members of the church onto Kids or Youth teams. Team members are regularly DBS checked and all have regular safeguarding training, and they all follow best practise laid out in our Safeguarding Policy. We update our safeguarding policy every year and discuss at every trustees meeting and at leadership meetings.

Our Safeguarding lead is Beccy Daykin and Safeguarding Deputy is Jodie Alexander-Frye. Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and any concerns, however small, should be reported immediately to the safeguarding lead, or deputy if the lead is not available.